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Discover Security In Your Future With An Indianapolis Wills Lawyer

A will, also referred to as a last will and testament, is a legal document that expresses how you want your estate to be distributed after your death. Wills are the perfect solution to obtaining control of your property, assets and children when you are no longer around. You, the testator, may appoint your executor, the person who will manage your estate, as well as guardian(s) for your children or dependents. It is crucial to create a concise will with the legal guidance of our Indianapolis wills attorney because, if prepared without professional guidance, your will could have inconsistencies or gaps that create stress and hassle for your surviving family members who are trying to execute it.

With the Indianapolis wills lawyers from Harwell Gray Legal Counsel LLC, you can rest assured knowing that your wishes will be honored and maintained because you selected the right team to help you plan for the future. We respect your wishes immensely and can provide detailed guidance to ensure you are comfortable with every decision that’s made within the legal documentation we draw up.

What Is Included In A Will?

There are various aspects of your will that you must decide on. It may feel overwhelming, but you can count on us to give you the peace of mind you deserve. Your will includes:

  • A list of significant assets
  • Beneficiaries to inherit your property
  • An executor who will manage your estate
  • Your children’s guardian (if they are minors)
  • Your children’s property guardian
  • Witness signatures

Significance Of A Living Will

A living will, otherwise referred to as an advance healthcare directive, differs from a will in that it accounts for the event that you become incapacitated and cannot direct your own medical decisions. It essentially outlines what medical treatments you do and do not want. For example, if you end up in an unfortunate situation in which you rely on life support, you need a living will to administer your end-of-life logistics. It will include details such as how long you wish to remain on life support.

To ensure your medical wishes are executed, you’ll select a durable power of attorney. This person is also responsible for your other treatment affairs, legal documents and medical decisions not otherwise outlined in your living will. Our Indianapolis wills lawyers offer professional counsel while crafting your living will, including advice on selecting a durable power of attorney, as this decision could quite literally mean life or death.

Our Wills Attorneys In Indianapolis Prepare You For The Future

Ultimately, you make every decision for your will. Our Indianapolis wills attorneys can provide significant advice and guidance throughout your decision-making process, ensure your wishes comply with the law and implement the accuracy and precision needed to save your heirs from the headache of interpreting your wishes properly after you die. The documents included in your will are complex and require considerable detail orientation. Therefore, it is necessary to let our experienced team take care of these complexities while concurrently honoring your wishes.

We want you to focus on protecting your hard-earned possessions and loved ones, not a daunting stack of paperwork.

With years of experience helping clients solidify their last wishes through legal documentation, our Indianapolis wills attorney is a trusted source of counsel, experience and compassion for those who want to leave their legacy in good hands.

Contact our Indianapolis wills lawyer at 317-344-9085 or by using our online form to learn about how we can serve you. We represent clients across Marion, Hendricks, Hamilton, Johnson and Hancock counties, so reach out to us to learn how we can help.