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Mediation: A Different Approach To Divorce

Going to court to get divorced from someone you’re on good terms with can seem unnatural or even unnecessary. If you think you and your spouse can work together to figure out the terms of your divorce, mediation could be a good option to explore. The attorneys at Harwell Gray Legal Counsel LLC are skilled at guiding couples in Indiana through the mediation process efficiently and effectively.

An Introduction To Mediation

Mediation is different from a traditional divorce in almost every sense. It happens in a private meeting space, not a public courtroom. It’s designed to be an open-ended series of discussions, not a rigid set of court-ordained processes. You and your spouse speak to each other directly, with one attorney present to serve as a neutral third party if tensions arise. In a traditional divorce, you and your spouse communicate through your respective attorneys.

The Benefits Of Choosing Mediation

Because it’s so different from a typical divorce, mediation offers distinct benefits. Because it happens independently of the family court system, people who elect mediation can expect:

  • A quicker resolution to their divorce
  • Lower costs due to the shorter timeframe and lack of court fees
  • More control over the outcome of their divorce
  • More privacy during the process
  • Less stress

If mediation is the right option for you, you’ll be glad to avoid the trouble of the court-based process.

How Does Mediation Work?

Depending on your and your spouse’s situation, you could be done with mediation in as little as a day, within a few days, or after several weeks. The only cost associated with mediation is your mediator’s hourly rate.

During the process, your mediator will guide you through discussions about the property you share, your finances, child custody and visitation, and spousal and child support payments. While a mediator can help you work through conflict, you and your spouse are the only ones with decision-making power. You can decide whether your ultimate settlement is legally binding or if you want to keep the door open for future renegotiation.

What You Can Expect From Harwell Gray Legal Counsel LLC

If you choose an attorney from our firm to help you with mediation, you can expect to be treated with unwavering dignity and respect. You can expect to work with an intelligent, hard-working and creative legal professional. You can expect affordable services and flexible payment options. And you can expect us to go above and beyond for you, even after your divorce is resolved. 

Talk To An Attorney About Mediation Today

If you’d like to learn more about mediation from an experienced lawyer, contact our firm. We’ll start with a free consultation where you can determine if it’s the right option for you – no strings attached. Call the office at 317-344-9085 or complete a contact form to schedule your appointment.